2.1 To develop and to encourage co-operation and goodwill among its members.

2.2 To foster appreciation and a sense of duty and responsibility towards the multi-cultural society of Canada.

2.3 To safeguard, promote and support the Indian cultural, social, general interests and the well being of Albertans of Indian origin.

2.4 To establish liaison with and as found prudent to acquire membership of other organizations with similar objectives.

2.5 To help and to assist in the co-ordination of activities among member associations of the Council.

2.6 To participate in the local, provincial and national bodies and institutions - as an interested society of persons of Indian origin.

2.7 To act as a general representative and ‘spokesperson’ of persons of Indian ancestry on issues of interest or concern.

2.8 To support or to object or to express an opinion on issues at municipal provincial federal or international level important to Indians. The Council will not  become a member of or otherwise actively participate in a :political party.

2.9 To provide service to the Indian Community in areas such as settlement of immigrants, safeguard the welfare of senior citizens, counseling for vulnerable groups such as abused women, assistance to Indian students in Edmonton etc. When such services are already provided by other organizations, Council should actively be supportive of their work.