4.1 Any society seeking the membership with the Council shall do so by submitting an application addressed to the President of the Council. The application shall be accompanied by:

4.1.1 Membership registration fee (one time, non refundable).

4.1.2 Registration certificate with the Government of Alberta per Societies Act.

4.1.3 A copy of the constitution/by-law of the Society.

4.1.4 A resolution of the society supporting the request for membership to the Council and that the society agrees to abide by the objectives and by-law of the Council. This resolution shall also indicate that in case of any conflict with applicant society’s by-laws and that of the Council, the later will prevail.

4.1.5 Documentation supporting the community activities of the society.

4.1.6 List of current paid membership with their address, telephone number and e-mail if available.

4.2 The society should have existed for at least one year and should have been registered per Societies Act for at least one year prior to the date of application for membership.

4.3 In order to ensure a fair and a balanced representation with respect to regional, linguistic or cultural interests of the community, the Council may restrict membership on its body of such societies whose interests are already represented through other member societies. Similarly, Council may encourage membership of other societies whose interests have not been represented at the Council and their membership is desirable to promote Councils objectives.

4.4 The President in consultation with the executive committee shall place the membership application at a General Body meeting with appropriate comments, recommendations or findings. The applicant society will be accepted as a member upon approval by a majority of 2/3 of the voting members present at the meeting. Members in good standing (paid annual dues) will be allowed to vote in any meetings.

4.5 No more than two (2) new member Societies/Association shall be admitted in any fiscal year.

4.6 The Council will have jurisdiction to review from time to time that the member societies or their delegates are in compliant with the by-laws, including for maintaining of the eligibility or acceptance criteria. For this, the Council may request the member associations – from time to time – information or documentation. The executive committee may declare a non-compliant member/delegate as such and at this the affected member/delegate will lose the status with the Council.

4.7 All members (Associations/Societies) must pay their membership dues every year and provide a. list of executive committee, b. current paid general membership list, c. name and address of nominated delegates, d. and major events/activities for the year.

4.8 Any member Society/Association who is in default for payment of membership fees by 31st July will be considered ‘non compliant’. Non- compliant member Society/Association delegates will become non-voting delegates until the said dues are paid as of the 1st August. Member Association will be sent a written notice by registered mail informing them of this change in their status. A second reminder will be sent on 31st October if dues are not paid informing the member Association that if the dues are not paid by the 31st December, their Society/Association will lose status with the Council. No further reminders will be sent. The membership will be re-instated only by re-applying as a new member and approved at the annual general body meeting.

4.9 Member Societies/Associations may nominate one (1) ‘alternate delegate’. An alternate delegate may participate in the General Body or other meetings of the council to represent a regular delegate. The alternate delegate will have the same status and voting rights as if the regular delegates were present at the meeting. Alternate delegate representing regular delegate will take no part in the meeting if regular delegates are also present- will be an observer only.

4.10 All member associations should provide a copy of their latest registered By-laws to the council for the records.