The membership of the Council consists of the following categories: Regular Members Ex-officio Delegates Associate Members
  • Regular Members
  • Ex-officio Delegates
  • Associate Members
Regular members include registered societies whose membership is mostly and primarily of Indian origin or Indian ancestry. These shall be non-profit societies and be in good standing per Societies Act of Alberta. The Society must have a membership of not less than 50 paid-up individual members.
Ex-officio delegates includes the immediate past-president of the Council. Similarily, all elected members of the executive committee will be ex-officio delegates of the Council for the fiscal year for which they have been elected.
Associate members are non-voting members of the Council. They will promote the objectives of the Council and shall abide by the by-laws.

Alberta Gujarati Association

Alberta Hindi Parishad

Tel: 780-432-3674

Andhra Cultural Association

Tel: 780-299-863

Asian Youth Club

Tel: 780-462-0296

Bhartiya Cultural Society

Tel: 780-468-2106

Canadian Kerala Cultural Association

Edmonton Bengali Association


Edmonton Goan Association

Tel: 780-429-3063

Edmonton Senior Sports Association

Tel: 780-463-3516

Edmonton Tamil Cultural Association


Garvi Gujarat Association of Canada

Hindu Society of Alberta

Tel: 780-451-5130

Indo-Canadian Women's Association

Tel: 780-490-0477

Kannada Cultural Association

Manoranjan Club

Maple Leaf Writer's Foundation

Tel: 780-440-2766

Millwoods Ex-servicemen Association

Tel: 780-450-0771

Nizamdipur Development Foundation

Tel: 780-434-0727

Shantiniketan Society for Semi-retired and Seniors

Society for the Development for Third World Countries

Tel: 780-444-4268